Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Eid Orders Deadline
within Lahore: Friday 14th Jun 1.00pm
Nationwide: Delivery 5-10 days after Eid Holidays
Min. Required Order Rs.500 + (Flat Shipping Rs.199)


What is your minimum order requirement?

Our prices and margins are very low, therefore, in order to stay in business and keep serving you on wholesale prices; our minimum order requirement is Rs.500 + delivery charges 

You can order as many items as you want, as long as you meet minimum order amount requirement. 

Where is your shop?

We operate online only from our office in Lahore near Johar Town.

Can I visit your office for purchasing?

Our office does not facilitate customer visit for purchasing and pick up. Orders can be placed online and delivered by courier service. 

What are the shipping charges in Pakistan?

Please visit our shipping detail page 

How many days will it take to receive my package?

Orders in Lahore are usually delivered 1-2 days after dispatch.

Orders outside Lahore may take 2-4 working days. It may take take up to a week for remote areas such as Balochistan. 

Can I open the package and check my goods before payment?

Please note your order is delivered by courier companies. The rider who brings your package is not our employee and cannot open the parcel for checking. His duty is only to collect cash and deliver the package. If there is any issue with the products, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible to your satisfaction.

Is return, exchange and refund possible?

We operate on very small margins in order to provide goods on wholesale. Handling returns and exchange increases our operational cost. Therefore, we are unable to offer returns and refunds. However, exchange will be possible if you receive a damaged or wrong item due to our mistake. 

What if I receive wrong product or there are any quality issues with the product I receive?

We stand by our promise to deliver the right product to you. If you receive wrong product or the product has is damaged, please contact us immediately (within 3 days of receiving the order) and we will resolve it to your satisfaction. .

I am a reseller, can you deliver directly to my customer?

We will ship to the address given by you at the time of checkout on our website. So at the checkout time you can give address of your customer. But please note that it is your responsibility to provide us correct address.

Moreover, please note that sometimes we may call the customer for confirmation before dispatching the order if it is a COD order. If you pay us in advance, we don’t need to call for order confirmation.

If you are selling wholesale, why is your prices visible to everyone

We believe everyone deserves fair prices and great service online.

Do you deliver worldwide & how long it takes?

Yes, we deliver worldwide through FedEx & DHL and it may take 4-7 working days to deliver.

Why should I buy from you when I have the option to buy from wholesale market such as Shah Alam Market, Bolton Market and Raja Bazar?

There are a number of reasons to buy from us.

  1. Convenience: you don’t need to spend all day travelling to the market and be stuck in traffic. You can order very conveniently from your phone while sitting in your lounge and sipping your coffee or chai.
  2. Saving: you will save the cost of travelling to the market and still get the products on same or low price than wholesale market.
  3. Low order value: There is no minimum minimum order requirement on our website. A shop in wholesale market expect your purchase to be much larger in value.
  4. Variety: you find large variety of products at one place; if you go to wholesale market, you have to visit many shops to get your desired variety.

 Are the items on the website in stock?

Yes, 99% of the items shown in the website are in stock. If any item goes out of stock, we update it within one hour and it shows out of stock on website. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that majority of the items you order are in stock.

Why your prices are so low, are you for real? 

Yes, our prices are low because we sell in wholesale and keep our margins low. 

Will you deliver what you show on your website?

Absolutely YES. We promise to deliver what is displayed on website. While slight variation in colors and shade may be possible due to difference in screen resolutions and lighting conditions, the design of the item would be the same as shown on our website. 

How is the quality of your products?

We try to provide best quality products in lowest possible prices. Please mind that quality is relative to price. Please do not expect 1000 rupees quality from a 100 rupees product.

You will get what you see in pictures. Some variations in color and shades are possible due to differences in screen size or resolution and lighting conditions.

Many items are photographed with closeups in order to clearly display product features. Due to which items may appear bigger than real. We try to mention size on pictures or product description.

Do you provide any guarantee/warranty? Will the product color fade, dull or go black? 
There are no guarantee of color or product life for costume jewelry. It really depends on how much you use and how much you care for it. A more frequently used item may fade quicker. Moreover skin type and sweat (پسینہ) may affect product color differently.

For longer product life please keep it away from water, sweat, perfume and chemicals.

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