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Imported Ethnic Choker Set (LCK)

Imported Ethnic Choker Sets

What makes the imported ethnic choker set for women stand out at TJWholesale? These dazzling choker necklaces provide a bit of old-world elegance whenever and wherever you go. Feminized and drawing attention with its detail, chokers are aesthetic with amazing engraving and quality.

Whether you are dressing up for a formal occasion, or just want to accessorize your daily wear, ethnic chokers are a good accessory to add on. You can browse through our extensive selection of choker necklaces and choose one that perfectly fits your outfit and personality.

Types of Ethnic Choker Sets at TJWholesale

If you are a stockiest or a buyer, At TJWholesale, we have ethnic choker sets for every client’s preference. Our collection boasts a variety of pearl, diamond, silver, gold-plated, black, and Kundan choker sets. All the designs available feature beautiful details and simple designs embellished with stones. Minimalistic designs are also available for those who prefer simple neat designs.

A Touch of History

Amidst the numerous categories of jewelries in the world, choker necklaces have a history to tell.  They have existed through various periods and geographical locations for about a thousand years.

Originally, chokers were part of the clothing worn by women and were used as a symbol of status, and even protection to ward off evil. This belief and practice was common to Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian culture.

Chokers that were in fashion during the French Revolution of 1789 are another good example. These chokers represented class and rebellion. Fine and complex designed chokers are also seen on portraits of British monarchs such as Queen Alexandra, Queen Victoria, and Anne Boleyn.

Agree or not, chokers are finding their way back to the fashion world. Be sure to explore our imported ethnic choker set collection.

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