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Buying Bangles for Everyday Wear or Any Occasion

A woman’s heart is naturally inclined toward bangles and bracelets. From simple pieces to fancy ones, a bangle or two is always good to complete our look and attire. Bangles for women come in many types and sizes, including glass bangles, metal bangles, bridal bangles, and churiyan.

When considering bangles for women for daily use, the weight, design, and strength of the bangle are critical features to look at. It is customary to wear lightweight bangles every day instead of heavyweight gold bangles. You may ask why, but the reason is simple. The former can hinder work and be heavier than a non-gold or gold plated piece.

Simple patterned glass bangles or metal bangles are a frequent choice for most people. However, if you are buying a gold plated one to be worn on a daily basis, ensure that the piece offers the comfort and elegance you seek.

The size matters.

Whether you choose to use your bangle as a regular piece of jewelry or need it for a special occasion, size plays a huge role. This is especially true for bridal bangles and churiyan, which are often worn during weddings and festivals. The focus has to be on making sure that the bangle is not over-sized and will not slip off your hand. Most importantly, comfort matters, and an over-sized bangle will definitely fail to offer the comfort needed.

Bangle Selection According to Use

TJWolesale offers a huge variety of bangle options. From simple daily and office wears, to special occasions like parties, weddings or engagements. Our assorted collection has you covered. Here is what we offer:

·         Casual

·         Kundan

·         Gold Plated

·         Bangles for women

·         Glass bangles

·         Metal bangles

·         Bridal bangles

·         Churiyan

TJ Wholesale collection of all Bangles. Gold Plated, Kundan, Casual, Women Girl Bangles pair and sets.

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